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NOI Coding Kids, the Namibian Company Teaching Kids How To Code

By John Keendjele
Published in Startups
August 24, 2021
3 min read
NOI Coding Kids, the Namibian Company Teaching Kids How To Code

Coding is one of the most important skills to have in the world right now, as it is the language that empowers the digital universe. Many of the everyday applications and websites we use, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and TechGazi (sorry.. shameless plug) are all due to someones code!

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to learn code however many Africans are still not well versed on the power of programming. A group of Namibians have decided to tackle this issue by creating a platform for young Namibians to grasp the basics of coding.

Today we introduce NOI Coding Kids, the Namibian based company that is teaching young children how to code. We had the amazing opportunity to speak to the team at NOI Coding Kids and below you’ll find the interview we had with them.

What in a short description are the services that you offer at Coding Kids?

NOI Coding Kids provides dynamic after school classes that include basic computer skills and programming. The programming classes have a curriculum that includes Web development, Game development and Robotics.

Ms Johanna Amunyela, Founder and CEO of NOI Coding Kids.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea of the company stemmed from an incident when the CEO, Johanna Amunyela’s son, was curious about what she does professionally and she felt the need to educate him. This sparked the realization that if he could understand the basic concepts of computers and coding at such an early age and knowing that we live in a more technologically advanced world it was easier for her to teach him more on how to build tech instead of how to use tech. This ultimately inspired Ms Johanna Amunyela to want to educate other children the same way she was educating her son.

Your organization is currently based in Windhoek, Namibia. How do you find the teaching environment in Windhoek, especially for kids?

The teaching environment in Windhoek is fun and supportive especially for the children. We host our physical classes at a Co-Working space called Dobox Dololo, the space is open and airy and allows for children to be in their creative element. We have online classes as well and are hosted using the zoom platform.


There are many subjects such as Mathematics and languages that one can teach kids, what made your organization choose computers and programming?

We at NOI Coding Kids believe in building a community of thinkers, creators, innovators and technopreneurs. The study of computers and programming enables children and teams to gain critical skills for success in the future especially because the world is currently moving to the 4th industrial revolution. Thus we opted for computers and programming because it helps develop logical, analytical and creative reasoning in children and we believe that coding is a foundation skill every child should have in today’s world, equal to reading, writing and mathematics.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs trying to enter into education or other fields in Namibia?

Our advice to aspiring entrpreneurs is that being an entrepreneur is not easy but as long as you have passion and you’re willing to be a bit patient and to see it through tough times then you’ll likely succeed and reap the benefits. Aspiring entrepreneurs should also plan it through and execute and know that it is important work towards fixing problems and keeping your customers delighted with your service. As an aspiring entrepreneur you also need to take part in as many events aimed at educating entrepreneurs just to put you in a position to succeed.


Many businesses have either, unfortunately, had to close, or pivot due to covid-19. If this is relevant to Coding Kids, how has the company had to evolve because of the pandemic?

Covid has effected all business sectors in life. Although, online education was already one of our teaching options, our face-to-face students suffered a great deal. Despite all the huddles, we are happy that we are still be operating.

What does the future hold for Coding Kids and what can we expect to see from the organization in the near future?

Our plans for NOI Coding Kids include building our own labs all around the different regions of Namibia so that we grow our academy and make it possible to reach children in the southern and northern regions of Namibia especially the less fortunate and marginalized. We also aim to have our curriculum included in all the Namibian schools.


And lastly in true Tech Gazi fashion, if you could project yourself to the beginning when you started Coding Kids. What advice would you tell yourself that would in hindsight have made your life or the business easier?

“Don’t worry just keep going eventually you’ll push through.” “Do not over think it. You are simply another person with a great idea so, say it!”

You can find us on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: Namibian Optimus Investment Instagram: @noicodingkids Or contact us via email: namibianoptimus@gmail.com or call us on +264 81 775 1419


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John Keendjele

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